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LinkedIn Mistakes

Big Mistakes Managers Are Making on LinkedIn

By Slight Edge Digital | Mar 18, 2019

LinkedIn connects virtually every serious business person on the planet. There are slightly over seven billion people on planet Earth right now. Over half a billion of them are on LinkedIn. Given the fact that LinkedIn rigorously polices their accounts looking for duplicates and bots, you can bet that virtually all of those half a…

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Ideas of Live By for Businesses of All Sizes

By Slight Edge Digital | Mar 17, 2019

As the world of social media makes our lives much more transparent and much more public, it’s very important for businesses to change their approach to finding, selling, and servicing their customers and clients. Gone are the days when you couldn’t sell somebody something, charge them an arm and a leg, and then offer shoddy…

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Thought Leadership

How to Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

By Slight Edge Digital | Mar 3, 2019

Being a thought leader is a good thing! With thought leadership, they make more money, get more business, have bigger mailing lists, and in general have more influence. In today’s Internet governed business world, I’d almost venture to say that you can’t reach your potential without becoming a thought leader. So, if that’s true, and…

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Google My Business image

How to Get a 100% Google My Business Profile Score

By Slight Edge Digital | Feb 19, 2019

Is your local business listed on Google My Business? Customers are the lifeline of every business, and finding new customers is a complex and time-consuming process. Making sure your business is easy to find is the number one key to ensuring your success these days – especially digital marketing success. But…. it isn’t as easy…

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LInkedIn tips

How Service Businesses Can Rock LinkedIn

By Slight Edge Digital | Feb 17, 2019

Most service businesses depend on slowly built up word of mouth for client acquisition. Of course, referral clients are the best. They come pre-sold on your services. But, that’s a slow way to grow or maintain your business. Not only that, it’s impossible to actually get a business off the ground through referrals. There’s no…

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LinkedIn Recommendations

How to Write a Very Powerful LinkedIn Recommendation

By Slight Edge Digital | Feb 16, 2019

Recommendations are critical on LinkedIn. Other than your headline, photo, and profile summary, linkedin recommendations are probably the next most important thing. Look at them like testimonials (real ones) for a service, business, or product. It’s called social proof in the online marketing world, it getting that social proof is often the key to success…

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LinkedIn branding

Six Ways to Grow Your Brand on LinkedIn

By Slight Edge Digital | Feb 13, 2019

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is just for business—nothing else! So, it would make sense that LinkedIn branding should be your “go to” platform for personal and business branding. In this article, I’d like to show you a few things you can do to harness LinkedIn’s amazing power to brand either yourself or your…

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Digital Marketing Action Plan

5 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Action Plan

By Slight Edge Digital | Feb 1, 2019

There is no doubting that digital marketing is becoming ever more important to the success of your business; but actually knowing what to do and where to begin can be rather confusing and overwhelming. Before you even think about any kind of implementation, you should put together a simple digital marketing action plan. Why create…

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LinkedIn for Business, LinkedIn Resumes

A Short Course in How to Use LinkedIn for Business

By Slight Edge Digital | Feb 1, 2019

LinkedIn for business is networking platform bar none! As of the writing of this article, there are over half a billion LinkedIn users. Unlike some other social media platforms, Twitter for instance, virtually all of these over five hundred million accounts on LinkedIn are real. They’re not fake accounts or bots, for instance. If you…

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