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Establishing a strong online presence is NOT easy; but it cannot be ignored if you want a consistent, long-standing relationship with your target market.

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How we can help

Feeling the overwhelm of social media for your local small business or startup?

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about running your business.

It’s an all-day task that requires your full focus, right?

That’s why it’s unrealistic to expect you to run your business and become a master of your online marketing. But having a professional online presence is important.

Did you know that Facebook influences 52 percent of consumers’ online and offline purchases?

We can help!

Our social media and digital marketing services allow you to engage with customers where they spend most of their time.

At Slight Edge Digital, we have plans to fit almost any budget and needs. Let us help you make sure your business stays relevant in today’s digital age.

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Customized Digital Marketing Services

Are you ready to run a successful business? Here’s how we can help.

Lead generation services

Brand Your Business And Get More Customers With Us By Driving More Traffic And Retargeting 100% Of All Your Website Visitors.

Email Marketing Services

Create a top notch reputation for your brand providing value to your customers, with email marketing.

Video Marketing Services

We have a variety of animation and video marketing services to engage your audience.

Effective social media marketing

How would you like to get your business in front of your ideal customers?

At Slight Edge Digital, we help businesses like yours stay active on social media and create a long lasting impression with your audience.

  • We have the expertise to create an effective social media presence for your business;
  • We have the solutions to help you stay active and grow your number of followers;
  • We work hard to target your ideal customers and keep them engaged;
  • We don’t give up until we see results!
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Boost Your Business with Social Media

Social Media is what we call “unquantifiable perpetuity” which is a fancy way to say there is
no way to calculate all the good your content can do over a long period of time.

Below are some of the Social Media standard packages we can offer. **However, we will customize a package to suit your budget and requirements.

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