Three Ways To Boost Your Or Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile


Once you have your profile on LinkedIn all sorted out, you’ll want to use it to start getting business for yourself (or a job, if that’s what you want).

There are several ways to do this, three of which I’m doing to talk about here. I’ll cover other methods in my other articles. So, check those out!

Tip #1: Understand Your Audience

Advertisers, copywriters, and salespeople of all types understand the necessity of really understanding who their target audience is. You need to too!

You must understand:

  • what your target audience wants

  • why they’re there reading your profile

  • what their hot buttons are


Just like a professional sales letter writer, you need to get inside their proverbial heads and talk to them the way they’re already thinking. If you can do this, you’ll automatically mesh with your audience. They will not only like you, they will believe in you and potentially buy from you.

If you alienate your audience, however, you might as well quit. Understanding your target audience is that important!


Tip #2: Get Your Keywords Right

Keywords are the phrases that someone types into a search window in order to find web pages that match the keyword phrase.

So, if you type in “restaurant Adelaide”, you should get a list of restaurants in Adelaide. Works the same way on LinkedIn.

Someone might type in “accountant Adelaide” in order to find accountants in Adelaide, South Australia.

I’m sure you can see how important having the right keywords in your profile are for people who want to do business on by LinkedIn Marketing.

So, here are a couple of things:

First off, you need to find what keywords people are using or might use, to search for you on LinkedIn. You can ball park this by searching yourself and keeping track of what type of results you find.

Second, you’ll need to use these keywords both in your headline and in your profile summary.


Tip #3: Make Use of LinkedIn’s Own Analytics

Although the amount of information you can get from LinkedIn varies according to whether you have a free or paid account, both types of accounts can glean a lot of useful information from your LinkedIn analytics page.

You can see who’s searched for you. You can also get an albeit small list of keywords used. There isn’t a lot of information to go on, but it does help to gauge the activity.

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