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Three Things to Cut Out of Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

LinkedIn Profile Hacks

Your LinkedIn profile is your “silent salesperson”, and in LinkedIn profile hacks, profile summary is actually more like a personal sales letter than anything else. I help local small business with their online presence and when I look at a new client’s profile, I see some of the same elementary mistakes. I’d like to alert…

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Why You Must Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Current

LinkedIn profile daily tasks

Someone once asked me if it was okay to update their profile. In their case, they were talking about their profile summary. I thought it was an odd question. After all, wouldn’t you want to update your CV or your resume? Upon further investigation, I realized they were asking a valid question. Basically, they were…

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Everything Starts with Your LinkedIn Headline

LinkedIn Profile

Besides your picture, your headline is the first thing people actually see when they run across you on LinkedIn profile. It’s the first thing they’ll read on your profile, and even if they’re searching and find you, they’ll see your headline below your picture in the search and suggested connection results. Your headline is what…

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